Pakistani actress Sana Nawaz criticizes Veena Malik’s cheap publicity stunt

Veena Malike Nude image in fhm indiaPakistani sex bomb actress Sana Nawaz very sternly criticizes Veena Malik’s nude photo shoot for FHM India. Sana, the cousin of Veena Malik, is a popular Pakistani film and TV actress. She has also worked in a Bollywood film, ‘Kaafila’ opposite Sunny Deol few years back.

Sana was in Amritsar recently for the shooting of a Punjabi Indian movie ‘Dil Pardesi Hogaya’ directed by Takur Tapasvi. As Veena has been claiming that she did not go nude in the photo shoot and her pictures were morphed, Sana does not agree with her claims rather she says that Veena did this cheap act just to gain the instant fame.

Sana Nawaz told the reporters in Amritsar that Veena Malik did so just to grab the cheap popularity and because of her cheap act, Pakistani government may now restrict the actresses working in India.

Sana further said that her Indian Punjabi movie would construct the two neighbors relations more in friendly manner.

Due to Veena’s act, there has been anger in Pakistan and the Pakistani entertainment industry too is not happy at all with her extra bold move of posing nude. The masses too in the country have turned against her.

Veena is known for doing anything to gain publicity. Her recent publicity stunt was going missing all at once (the analysts say). Nude photo shoot, as per the analysts, was also done for publicity. Even there were reports where the Bollywood industry’s prominent figure claimed that it was all done between Veena, magazine and the channel NDTV Imagine.